The Keeping it Real Alicia Sullivan Channel was created to inspire influencers, content creators, entrepreneurs, business persons, or YouTubers to share their dreams with the world and monetized it.

In the channel, Alicia teaches her audiences how she started a print-on-demand store for free and how she makes money from the store. As a result, persons looking to start their own print-on-demand store can learn from her channel and run it as a profitable business.

Early 2021, the channel grew and gained 13,000 subscribers. Alicia continues to educate her followers on passive income and how it really works.

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The channel grows because Alicia continues to keep it real with her follows. She would share facial, hair, and skin care routines. Her audience will learn simple and healthy tricks and daily hacks.

She also shares special events and travels on her channel, where she visited different cities, states, or countries, she would share the different cultural differences and food.

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About Me

Beside being the president of her own business. Alicia is a YouTuber of her YouTube Channel, Keeping it Real Alicia Sullivan. Not only did she stop there, but she has her own podcast platform on Anchor called, “Keeping it Real.”

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