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Keeping it Rea Alicia Sullivan

The Fortnightly Show is now known as The Talk Show, and it aims to provide her audiences with entertainment, knowledge, education, hacks, tricks, styles, travels, and events. Many of her shows teach her subscribers about new places, sports, fine food, fine dining, and various wine tastings. Subscribers to the show can comment, like, and share their thoughts on what they think of the show. Alicia’s subscribers learn about some of the places they can visit for leisure, fun, and travel by visiting some of the places she has visited.

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Niche for the Show

The show is appropriate for all ages, and some of the topics discussed thus far include:

TheThe New York Yankees are a baseball team based in New York.

  • Dining in different states in the US
  • Wine Tasting
  • Talking about social development and the importance
  • Traveling
  • Food Tasting
  • Fine and Modern Arts
  • Interviews with Empowering Women
  • Business
  • Technology

Dining in New York City and throughout New York State.