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The Fortnightly Show is now called Talk Show and it is geared towards providing entertainment, knowledge, education, hacks, tricks, styles, travels, and events to her audiences 

Many of her subscribers learn about new places, sports, fine food, fine dining, and different wine tasting from many of her shows. On the show, subscribers can comment, like, and share their opinions about what they think about the show.

From some of the places Alicia travelled to, her subscribers learn what places they cab visit for leisure, fun, and travel.

As the show continues to grow, more current issues, topics, and trends are talked about. Because of the pandemic, guests were not able to attend the shows live talking

Niche for the Show

The show is for all ages and some of the topics talked about in this show thus far are:

  1. New York Yankees Team
  2. Dining in New York City and in the state of New York
  3. Dining in different states in the US
  4. Wine Tasting
  5. Talking about Social Development and the importance
  6.  Special Events